Retiree Open Enrollment - October 2018

Annual Enrollment - Retired Employees

Annual Enrollment will begin October 8 and end on October 26, 2018 for Retired County of Riverside Employees who are eligible for County purchased medical plans.  Employees who are eligible for CalPERS medical plans (DDAA, LEMU and RSA Public Safety) must make medical plan elections during the CalPERS Enrollment period - September 10 - October 5, 2018. 

Rates and plan details are available in the 2019 Retiree Enrollment Guide.

What's changing for 2019

The United Healthcare Signature Value (Early Retiree)  HMO plan will offer a choice for network selection.  You may choose the current Signature Value (Full) network or reduce your premium cost by choosing the new Alliance (narrow) network.  The Alliance network includes providers with highly favorable patient care outcomes who have demonstrated excellence, such as fewer patients returning to the hospital with relapse or complications.  The new Alliance Network is offered at a reduced cost.

 If you are currently enrolled in the United Healthcare HMO plan or you are considering enrollment, we encourage you to confirm if your provider is in these networks before making your choice.  Visit or call (800) 624-8822.

The Kaiser Medicare Plans (High and Low Options) will include the Sliver &Fit Exercise & Healthy Aging Program.   This program offers members access to fitness facility membership through a broad network of participating fitness facilities or a Home Fitness program.  Additional information about this valuable addition to the plans is available  here.

The SCAN Medicare Assigned Plan (MAPD) will include the MDLife program giving participants access to a physician through Mobile app, online or by telephone.  Additional information about this program is available here.