Annual Enrollment

Retired Employees:

Annual Enrollment for Retired employees began October 13, 2015 and will end on November 11, 2015.  Enrollment material will be arriving in mailboxes soon, they have been delayed for printing due to a delay in receiving 2016 Medicare rates. 

Below are links to the information and forms necessary to evaluate enrollment options and cost as well as complete the enrollment process.


Email a request for a specific Medicare form.  Be sure to include the plan name in your email.

Retiree Benefit Fairs


 Active Employees:

Annual Enrollment takes place every fall. Changes made during Annual Enrollment take effect the following January 1. This year's Annual Enrollment for active County employees took place September 14 - October 2.  Enrollments are being finalized and processed.  Soon you will receive a confirmation statement in the mail confirming your election choices for 2016.  Please review this document carefully to make sure everything is accurate.  If you need to make corrections submit them to your department representative before the end date identified on your form.

Focused On You

Check our the FOCUSED on you newsletter - designed as another way to stay current on what's happening with your County of Riverside benefits and the programs and resources available to you as a County employee.  In this issue, you'll learn:

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